• Text Message Marketing

    Text message marketing is one of the best tools a business can have in their marketing toolbox today! Society is attached to our mobile devices unlike any other electronic medium ever, and the ability to reach your customers on these devices via text message is a powerful solution.

    Surge Mobile Technologies offers one of the most powerful text marketing dashboards available today. With over 20 tools that allow business owners the ability to send real-time mobile coupons, information, reminders, and more, the Surge Mobile SMS Text Marketing platform will quickly become your most prized marketing solution. 

  • Powerful Marketing Software

    Our mobile marketing software is an easy to use, web-based text messaging software that allows small, medium, and large enterprises to independently create and manage interactive mobile campaigns. The cutting-edge software platform enables our clients to leverage a wide range of toolsets designed to maximize ROI by complimenting a company's overall marketing strategy.

    By implementing Text Marketing into your advertising mix, we can help push loyal customers into your business on slow days, create demand for slow-moving or expiring products, and give you a real-time tool to create customer reactions whenever needed. With over 98% read rates and 10-20% redemptions on mobile text coupons, text messaging with Surge Mobile will be your silver bullet!

  • Features

    The Surge Mobile SMS Text Marketing Platform is compromised with up to 20 different tools to engage and drive action with your customers. Creating engaging and powerful mobile promotions is a snap with our available solutions.

    Whether you need to send immediate information to your customers, remind your clients of an appointment via text message or push a promotion with a mobile coupon, we have you covered! Just a few of our tools include:

    • Mobile Coupons
    • Loyalty Programs
    • Mobile Landing Page Builder
    • Social Media Integration
    • Email Marketing Integration
    • Appointment Reminders¬†
    • Real Estate Lead Generator
    • Auto Dealership Lead Generator
    • and so much more!

    With the variety of tools offered in our platform, we can create innovative and exciting campaigns that will drive consistent revenue in your doors!

  • Managed Services

    Like we said before, we are small business experts. We understand that as a small business owner you are not only the President and CEO, but also the accountant, marketing executive, product control executive and janitor! Your plate is full!

    Because you are so busy, you may feel that learning a software platform for sending mobile promotions is just too much. And you are probably right! This is why we offer Managed Mobile Campaigns as a cornerstone of our services. No need for youth learn our platform...we know it already. You just let us know what promotions or information you want to send to your customers and we take it from there. We will even help train your staff on the mobile campaign.