• Mobile Applications

    What would a smartphone or tablet be without mobile apps? Just a fancy phone with internet! Fortunately, mobile applications have enhanced the user experience and have become a prime piece of real estate for businesses trying to keep their customers engaged. Most enterprise business entities have entered the mobile app space, however mobile applications are not just for the big guys. Small and mid-sized businesses are starting to realize the importance of using the app channel to communicate and market to their target audience. 

  • According to a 2015 survey by Statista, there are now approximately 4 million mobile applications available in the major app stores. Pair this with the fact that since 2008, over 100 Billion apps have been downloaded from the Apple App Store alone, it is a safe bet to say that mobile applications are here to stay. The best question to ask yourself now is "does my business have an app for my customers to download?"


  • Create Your Mobile App Today!

    At Surge Mobile Technologies, we make the process of designing and engineering your business' mobile app easy. Whether you need an in-expensive native application to offer deals and info, or you want to integrate specialty technologies such as iBeacon or Augmented Reality, we have the resources to get your business in the app channel now!